About Us

A Centre of Excellence on Midlife and Mid-career Issues.

The Centre for Midlife Renewal helps individuals to thrive through change and organizations to benefit from the experience, skills and knowledge of mid-career employees.

Feeling bored, frustrated, depressed, anxious and stuck are common complaints at midlife. Individuals and their organizations both suffer the consequences of these symptoms. The Centre for Midlife Renewal helps men and women move toward a new sense of purpose, complete with increased energy, creativity, joy, fulfillment and connection with oneself and others. The individual and everyone in his or her network benefit from the results.

Founded by Jeff Richardson, The Centre for Midlife Renewal offers a full range of services for individuals and organizations through a roster of highly trained and experienced coaches.

Jeff Richardson, MA, PCC

Founder/Managing Director, Centre for Midlife Renewal
As a professional coach and program facilitator, Jeff helps men and women identify and boldly create the changes they desire in life. He encourages them to draw on their strengths as they take practical steps to be who they want to be, turning their dreams into reality. Jeff founded The Centre for Midlife Renewal because he believes midlife can be miraculous when individuals draw on their life wisdom, values and strengths to seize hold of life and live it to the fullest. He believes in midlife renewal rather than midlife crisis. Prior to becoming a coach, Jeff enjoyed a successful career as a communications consultant, writer and teacher. A graduate of the Adler School of Professional Coaching, he is certified by the International Coach Federation and serves as a faculty member teaching professional coaches in training.


Our Associates are a group a group of highly trained, experienced and effective professionals who share a passion for helping people at midlife. They work one-on-one with individuals and/or facilitate small groups, workshops, seminar series and retreats. Following an initial meeting to learn about the positive changes you want to make in your life, Jeff Richardson, managing director of the Centre, will recommend which Associate(s) would best support you in moving forward rapidly.

Robin Altman

Finding and fulfilling your life purpose

For some of us at midlife, we find ourselves asking, “What am I supposed to be doing with my life, anyway?” Earlier, we were so busy establishing our careers and raising our families, we didn’t have much energy to explore this question. But now: it really matters. We are acutely aware that life’s clock is ticking. Now is the time to stop feeling adrift and start feeling that we’re living each day according to what is deeply and truly important to us. That we’re on track and that what we do matters. By defining what we feel is our unique, authentic purpose in life, we begin to live with greater motivation, peace, vitality and joy.

Robin Altman is a professional certified coach who helps men and women unearth their sense of passion and purpose in life. With insight, compassion and playfulness, she guides her clients to connect with what truly inspires them. She then helps them strategize how they can take that zestful vision and turn it into action, finding practical changes they can make to live more on purpose. In her coaching, Robin draws upon her own experience of searching for greater meaning in her life, which resulted in a major career shift. Robin’s clients say that her dynamic and intuitive style helps them understand themselves in fresh ways, with “ahas!” that have a major and lasting impact on their lives.

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Darlene Chrissley

Rekindling your creative fire
The job, the family, the mortgage, the daily grind can all conspire to make us feel small and stale and just plain worn down. By midlife, we risk being stuck in routines that may help us “get by”, but feel awfully stifling. We ask ourselves, “When’s the last time I felt some creative spark in my life? Is it too late to reclaim some ‘juice’—some aliveness?”

Darlene Chrissley has helped hundreds of people in all walks of life to tap into their creativity and imagination to develop their potential and realize their dreams. She has a passion for music, poetry, storytelling, and drama and believes in the power of the arts to help people see themselves and the world in new ways. As a writer, speaker, performer, learning facilitator and master certified coach, Darlene brings a wealth of experience and insight to her work. She takes great pride and pleasure in supporting her clients as they reconnect with their own creativity and open to new possibilities.
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Janet Fry

Thriving through and after divorce

It’s an understatement to say that making it through a divorce in one piece and getting on one’s feet afterward is incredibly challenging. Making your way through all the relationship and emotional complications can feel overwhelming. What’s best for the children? How do I know what I need and want now? Why do I feel so alone even though family and friends are supporting me? How do I get through this mess with dignity and respect for myself and others? I can hardly plan for tomorrow, let alone think about the future!

Janet Fry is a professionally trained coach who specializes in helping men and women coming out of a divorce to move forward with confidence, hope and vision. Having been divorced, Janet recognizes that separation and divorce can be traumatic, and she is passionate about supporting men and women transitioning through their own unique and difficult experiences. Janet’s clients have described her as compassionate and caring — and able to challenge and motivate them to move through the pain to take charge of their future.

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Julie Newton

Successfully parenting teens and young adults

Perhaps one of the most challenging jobs on the planet is being an effective parent of teens and young adults. As our children struggle to find themselves and their way in the world, we struggle as parents to find the best way to support them. What to do when they seem to veer widely off-track? What to do when they simply seem lost, lacking purpose or motivation?

Julie Newton ACC, is a professional certified coach who specializes in helping teens and young adults find direction at a pivotal time in their lives, and helps parents find ways to navigate the challenges of being a family. Julie skillfully guides parents and young adults to create meaningful goals and uncover their own strengths and values to achieve these goals. Julie’s clients report that they see new and greater possibilities and are able to make positive, life-changing choices, and find new pathways to explore.

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Lynn Sharer

Finding a career that you love
Do you get out of bed in the morning excited about the day ahead? If your answer is “no” or “yes—but only on the weekends”, you are probably like so many people experiencing the midlife, mid-career blahs. Perhaps the career that used to fulfill you just doesn’t inspire you anymore. Or maybe you’ve been waiting for years, hoping your “calling” would show up some day… and now you’re wondering if it ever will. “Everyone” says you should stick with your current job because the economy’s shaky. But your heart says life is short and precious, and you want your work to bring you fulfillment and joy.

Lynn Sharer, CHRP, CIS, delights in helping men and women step back from their current situation and have a fresh look at their life and career. As a trained coach with deep expertise in organizational development and human resources, Lynn has supported hundreds of people in getting clearer about their career aspirations. She guides her clients through a proven process examining their strengths, values and experience, then building concrete plans to develop their exciting new career. With individuals who have lost their jobs—and often their confidence, too—Lynn helps them get back on their feet, moving forward systematically with strategy and encouragement to find new and satisfying employment.

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Elizabeth Verwey

Launching and building your own business

By midlife, it can be 20, 25, 30 years that you’ve been an employee within organizations. Sometimes the office politics, bad bosses and boring meetings make us long to work for ourselves. Perhaps you’re wondering: could I become self-employed? What would it take for me to launch my own business? How can I become a successful entrepreneur?

Elizabeth Verwey has helped more than 1,000 clients establish or grow their small businesses. She knows that entrepreneurs too often have only one person to turn to: themselves. As market cycles continue to compress and accelerate, the challenges can become overwhelming. That’s where she steps in. With a proven record of innovative solutions, she helps people clarify their priorities, identify quick wins, map out action steps, and follow through on their plans. As author of The Mentors Circle, a guide for small-business owners to support each other, Elizabeth knows what entrepreneurs need and how to get it. If you are considering launching a business or need help with the one you currently own, Elizabeth will provide insight and support to help you succeed.

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